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If Ranjeet had learnt one lesson in the last two years, it was that being single was better than being a single father.

What a world of difference it made to have a child to take care of. He had not foreseen it. He had imagined an easy life for himself. He fell in love, got married, they had Sejal and the family felt complete. Then it all fell apart. The arguments began to turn into dirty quarrels and once in a while one or the other had a visible proof of it.

She asked for divorce. He asked for Sejal. They contested and he won on the grounds that she had no job and hence no source of income to take care of their child. She cursed him while signing the divorce papers.

May you rot in hell. Continue reading

An Asshole & A Faithful

It was June 2011, I was working in UAE. I was taking driving classes to obtain my driving license and believe me, getting a driving license in UAE is one hell of a task. I’d been taking classes for the last four months, failed three tests and was paying a sum equivalent of INR 10,000 every week to pay for the extra classes and take up the test again. One morning, I was waiting for my turn to drive for the road test to get my driving license. I failed the test yet again, but witnessed an amazing incident in parts for about 3 hours while I waited for my turn to drive. So, here’s how it went: Continue reading


[ This is a work of fiction & 99.99 percent of fiction is inspired from real life.]

Pathaan, as everyone called him, was working in Dubai for 28 years. He visited his home for 30 days after every 2 years of service. He was a labour in a foodstuff company. I don’t remember when we first got in touch, but he gave a broad smile, shook hand with full strength and sometimes even hugged me when he saw me coming. He was not aware that his sweat drenched my shirt and left his body smell on it with which I had to survive the rest of the day.

He called me ‘Dost’ I called him….nothing! I never addressed him by any name. Some of the days, when I would go for lunch, he used to stop me, forcing me to have lunch with him, which I never had, because I didn’t want to. I tried to ignore him most of the time, but he used to stop at his place, look at me and give a broad smile every time he met me. Continue reading