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Through a very small aperture, I saw a sight, blurry yet beautiful. It was full of calmly toned colors and had a very pleasing texture. I had no idea what it was, but the unknown soothing effect, that the aura carried along with it, induced a smile on my face.

This urged me to reach closer in order to have a better look.
And as I approached, to my surprise, it was way beyond my happy imagination. Continue reading

One Day

One day can do wonders, yes it can.

One morning he woke up and felt a strong headache, a throbbing pain across the left side of his face. The pain started from the jaw, spread across his cheeks, left eye, forehead and went till behind the left ear. He remained still for a moment, thinking it will be over soon but it didn’t get any better. He checked his phone, read few emails, a couple of facebook notifications, some text messages, but he was looking for something else. Continue reading