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Being : 'Sincere'

By Aman Chawla

As we grow up, the world supplies us with the definitions of certain qualities which we accept and imply in our lives at a very tender age and never revise them again. One such definition about which I am going to write about today is ‘Sincerity’. If we could go back to school and ask from our teachers whether or not we were sincere during our education, I believe the teachers will analyze our sincerity by the level of agreement with them. Not every student is attentive and not every student follows the rules but the sincere ones are those who take teachers seriously and follow each golden rule of school without raising any questions. For me, the definition of being sincere was having combed hair, a fastened collar button, taking care of my glasses, doing homework on time, obeying elders and not fighting. But, at a later stage in my life, the definition of sincerity completely changed from what I had understood so far. As effectively as I can term, the closest related word to ‘Sincerity’ is ‘Honesty’.  Continue reading