5000 Seconds

One year and five months. Approximately eighty-three minutes. Five Thousand Seconds.

Last week, this website reached a total click count of five thousand. Five thousand seconds of hitting enter on a keyboard after typing muktimantra.com or after clicking a google search link that brought someone to this website.

I wonder if they liked what they read here. Did it make them think? What were their thoughts about?

Thoughts. I love thoughts. I love thinking. I love people who think. I love people who forget the world around them and get lost in thoughts. Dreamers are different. Imaginers are different too. Thinkers, they are the ones who excite me.

I want to know what people thought when they read articles, stories and experiences on this website. What did they think when they read Survival or The God, The Devil & The Human. Did One Day made them think about dreams? Did Rendezvous made them think about the power of love? Did An Encounter With Death made them think about the wrath of our nation’s youth? Did Creation made them think that they can choose to let go of the past and create a new future whenever they want to? Did Jesus, Nanak, Krishna & Sidhharth made them think that they were not four different people but one same soul that talked about one same experience in four different time spans? Did Pathaan made them think that selflessness can be so satisfying? Did Emptiness made them think how weirdly human mind works at times? Did Being Perfect made them think that perfection is nothing but a state of thought in an individual’s mind? I wonder.

Thoughts are timeless, ageless. A thought can stick in your mind forever until it grows itself into an idea and forces you to act on it. That is exactly what happened with me one year and five months ago. The thought was a very simple one, to register a domain name: “muktimantra.com”. I used to check the availability for this domain name on domain registration websites every day. I did that for more than six months. It wasn’t a tough task to register a domain name, so what kept me away from doing so? It was a thought, about failure, about uncertainty and about doubts over me. But, the thought that overpowered all the other thoughts was that I have to register this domain name because the name stuck with me. Mukti, freedom, independence, something I have always yearned for. Freedom to break hearts, freedom to hurt egos, freedom to laugh on stupidity, be it anyone’s, freedom to think whatever I want to.

I won’t drag it tonight. I will keep it short, because I have the freedom to do so. I also have the freedom to slap my roommate who is talking on phone so loudly at the moment that it is irritating me. But if I slap him, I won’t be able to publish this post tonight and I want to have the freedom to publish it tonight. So I will spare him. I will spare this man who is rolling all over his bed while talking on phone with his colleague so that I can write what I want to write.

I write not because I want people to read what I write. I write because I want to make people think. Those of you who read me regularly, we have a bond that goes far beyond this website. We might never know each other on a personal level, but we already know each other on a much higher level. Those of you who just stumble upon this website because of a stupid search string that you use, such as “mantra to live happy life” or “mantra to make money”, you are all fools. Those of you, who follow the links that I share on my social network, you will always have a certain kind of perception about me and having perceptions about me is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Because, I am not looking for your perceptions, I am looking for your thoughts. Let me know what you think because a thinker will always think about what everyone thinks. A thinker is so busy to think about what everyone else is thinking about themselves that he does not care what everyone is thinking about him. And that is something which gives him power over others. I am 5000 seconds more powerful today, thoughtfully, and these are your thoughts my thoughts feed upon.

I thank all of you for thinking just 5000 seconds about me. It has made a difference.

Once again, thank you. Think you.


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