Being: ‘Dreamer’

People settle very early in their life and the day you settle is the day of death. After that you never live, because life is in exploration – there is no other life. It is in seeking, searching, waiting, dreaming, hoping. The day one thinks ‘Now things are as I wanted them to be’, one relapses into death. People go on living a life which is not really life. To keep living one has to be always on the go, one has to be adventurous. Adventure is a religion in itself. You are always reaching, searching and never really arriving, never really knowing.

Between the potential and the actual, there is always a gap, because the potential is infinite and the actual is always finite. What you are doing is never what you can do. You are more than that and you are always more than you think you can do. You are more than your acts, your doings, your creations, your stories, your paintings, whatever it is, you are always more than that. The creator is always more than the creation, there is always a hope for growth, for improvement. Remember that life has thrill. It is constantly moving into new breakthroughs, constantly crossing new barriers, reaching new levels, passing new hurdles, reaching to new peaks, to new visions, to new skies and new horizons.

In the spring, the nature celebrates, but it can celebrate only in spring, whereas man can celebrate the whole year around, man can celebrate every moment of life, but who does? All we think about is future, all we do is dream. We are dreaming, day in, day out. We are dreaming sometimes with open eyes and sometimes with closed eyes, but we are dreaming, we are a dream, we are not yet a reality. In a dream, whatsoever we do is meaningless, whatsoever we think is pointless, whatsoever we project remains part of our dreams.

One can think about love, one can have beautiful flights of imagination about love, one can have beautiful dreams about love, but that is not going to help, that is going to worsen the problem. What is going to help is, one has to become love. Dreams are to turned into targets and targets have to be achieved at all costs. Dreaming can’t be an attitude for a lifetime, love has to be that, happiness has to be that, satisfaction has to be that. One should understand the correct attitudes required to live life abundantly, rust-free.

Happiness is momentary, so is unhappiness; they come and go because they have always been coming and going, they don’t have much meaning. Even if you are happy, you know it is bound to go, you want to hold on to that feeling of being happy but you know it won’t be there forever. When you know it is only a passing breeze, that the guest will stay overnight and in the morning will be gone, it deepens your sadness when it hits you back. It simply makes you aware of the futility of life, you realize that life is made up of a stuff called dream.

I am a very pragmatic, realistic, earth rooted person. Also, I like people who are earth rooted, because only then one can grow like a tree into the sky. The tree has to be rooted in the earth, then it can bloom in the sky. The flowers will be seen by everybody and roots will not be seen by anybody, but the roots are the real thing and I concentrate on the real thing. You would like the flowers immediately. Their fragrance will attract you, you would want them, you would place them at the center of your drawing-room so the fragrance spreads to every nook & corner of your home. Everyone loves flowers but nobody likes the roots, and roots are not very beautiful, remember, roots are ugly. I have passed through many ugly experiences, I still am. Doubt is ugly, suspicion is ugly, negativity, sadness, anger, they are all ugly, but they have prepared my roots. It has been a long journey, I am still waiting to bloom. Flower is the end product.

No one can give you eternity and no one can give you a real foundation for your life. You have to find a way to survive, to exist. Whatsoever it is, one thing is certain, there is some truth in existence. The whole existence is not just a falsity. Even though what we know about it is false, the false also needs some support from the true, otherwise it cannot stand on its own. One thing is certain, that the knower is true, the known may be false. Dreams can be false, but dreamers are always true. Don’t go for the dreams, go for the dreamer. Never ever try to understand your dreams, but yourself. You are true, dreams are not, you can be faithful to yourself, your dreams cannot.

Remembering a beautiful dream might make you happy for a while, but remembering who you are will bring you an everlasting bliss. Bliss is a rose of consciousness. It is the ultimate flower, the release of your fragrance. Everybody carries it within himself, unaware, oblivious of it, uncaring about it. Hence the branch never grows, rosebuds never appear on it. The roses remain only in dreams. But, they can all become realities, we can all be roses, we can all be a bird on the wing, we can not only touch the stars, but we can be the stars ourselves!

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