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Imagine a day, just one day, when no one asks you any questions. No one asks you where are you going, no one asks you the direction to somewhere they need to reach, no one asks you what time it is, what date it is, no one asks you what time you will leave, what time will you come back, no one asks you whether you missed them, whether you love them. In short, imagine a day when no one is bothered about you.

How would you spend that day?

I am thinking about questions tonight. What sorts of questions do we ask on daily basis? What sorts of questions do we answer? Is it worth to ask what we ask? Is it worth to answer what we answer? We ask questions just for the sake of having a communication because man is a social animal. We easily neglect all the other species and their ways of communicating with each other. We consider ourselves as the most superior, the most intelligent and yet we are the weakest species. We cannot survive naked, we cannot adapt to different weathers, we cannot digest raw food, we cannot breathe under water, and we cannot swim naturally. We can only communicate and we communicate to hide the fact that we are the weakest.

It is understood that in a proper communication, there has to be a speaker and a listener. A couple is required. There has to be a person who makes a sign and a person who understands it. Communication can only take place when one person makes another person understand his thought or his idea. It is what is understood and the irony is that how wrongly it is understood. Ask Kaaya and she will tell you that it is not necessary to communicate via action every time. Sometimes communication happens before we know it, it happens while we are asleep or distant or busy doing our daily chores.

Communication doesn’t need questioning and answering of any sorts. Communication is a constant flow of consciousness around us which we can feel at anytime, if we want to. Communication consists of all the collective knowledge of all the people who have lived and died on earth and have said words of wisdom or words of wrath. Those words, the feelings associated with those words are constantly flowing over the face of the earth and when we come across a certain thought or feeling, we give way to that feeling and let it overpower us as per its nature. What is the reason behind these phenomena?

Many times it happens with me that I become silent all of a sudden and sometimes I joke so much that everyone is laughing their pants off. How can one person behave in two extreme ways? I begin to cry without any reason and sometimes I chuckle, making people wonder what is wrong with me. What do you think is wrong with me?

Is it not true that we live among memories? Don’t we collect memories on day to day basis? Doesn’t our mind filter and categorizes all those memories? Don’t you picture your mind as a library of memories in which all the memories are smartly categorized and shelved? Doesn’t it function absolutely perfectly? Has your mind ever mixed up two memories from two different times? Has your mind ever mixed up a happy memory with a sad one? Isn’t the mind such a master of management? Who controls the mind? Is it independent? Is it able to decide on its own? Big questions.

I believe as much as we need our minds to store all our memories, our minds need us to feed them with all those memories. We don’t exist in our minds, our minds exist in us. Mind is not our master, we are its masters. Aren’t we?

Those who had control over their minds achieved greatness in their lives. Not materialistic or worldly greatness, but spiritual greatness. Manufacturing an iPhone is no greatness, no miracle; the miracle is to walk into a river in the middle of the night and coming out of it alive three nights later. Making a machine that flies is not a miracle; the miracle is to divide the sea into two parts authoritatively. Making a man walk on moon is not a miracle, it is to sit under a tree motionlessly for days, and then all of a sudden opening your eyes and saying, “I know the truth.”

I am differentiating between two kinds of people here.

On one hand, there are people who asked lots of questions to themselves, to their teachers and their colleagues. These were the people who put their minds into everything and ultimately found few answers, solved few mysteries and discovered few truths about how things worked.

On the other hand, there are people who shut their minds and sat in silence. They didn’t want to ask any questions. They just wanted to know the answers. And, when all your energy will be concentrated on knowing the answers rather than asking the questions, you will understand what I am talking about.

The big question is not “Why are you here?” The big question is “Are you aware of where you are?”

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