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Do you remember what I asked? I asked, “Can you be silent?”

Silence is hated because it is in abundance. If you believe you hardly get time to be silent or you hardly find anyone sitting silently, you are looking at things in a much smaller perspective.

Noise, sound doesn’t break the silence. It is the silence that breaks the noise. Silence is brave enough to exist among the interval between the two noises. It is everywhere. Without silence, there could be no rhythm in music. Without silence, no work of art can ever be accomplished. Without silence, no journey can be made. Silence is outside, silence is inside.

Before sound, there was silence. After sound, what remains is silence. There is no happiness in creating noise. All the happiness lies in the moment of silence after the noise.

If you have ever attended a live music concert, you would have noticed that, many times, all the musicians of the group suddenly stop playing their instruments. The singer stops singing. Everything becomes silent. Isn’t that the wow moment? But, the mind is afraid to be silent; therefore when the artists stop the music to make the audience feel wow, in a split second, the audience starts screaming and creates noise. What an irony!

A true artist knows the value of silence. He understands that silence lives forever. No matter how much you talk or how many stories you tell or wherever you take people in your stories, at the end of the day, you find solace while lying silently in your bed. Creativity comes to those who are silent. All creation functions silently. Creation is an ongoing process. It cannot be stopped, not even for a moment. Inside our bodies and outside our bodies, the creation goes on creating and destroying everything. Time is only an instrument of measurement. Time occurs between the moment of creation and the moment of destruction. Before creation, there is no time. After destruction, there is no time. That is exactly why it is said that your time starts at the time of your birth and it will end with your death. But, I tell you, do not be befooled in this well dressed lie of the religions and science.

Like I said before, time occurs between the moments of creation and destruction, your time started right at the moment of the creation. I do not mean your creation; I mean the creation of the universe. To think of it, the universe is created because of the destruction, the big bang. The big ball of mass destroyed to initiate the creation of everything, the creation of stars and the creation of you.

You have always existed and always means literally always. You existed back then, at the moment of the big bang and you got passed down from dust to soil, from soil to water, from water to earth and so on and so forth. You existed in that split moment when suddenly a molecule divided itself into two and then four, thousands, billions and gazillions. You were passed down from generation to generation and you will be passed down from generation to generation. Do not think of yourself as a body with two hands, two feet and one brain whose sole purpose is to earn money so it can buy a good home and provide a better life to its family. You have always existed, even before you had a family, even before you had a brain or feet or hands, even before the first thought originated in the first biologically active organism. And you will always exist until the moment of destruction arrives again and who knows, that destruction might be the initiation of a new creation! So on and so forth, the process will go on.

Science measures life in chemical reactions. It says that water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen. Two elements that are not alive, that are just two independently existing molecules, support all the life on planet earth. Ask scientists how come two dead elements keep all the beings alive? They will answer because the human body is able to chemically react with the elements to deduce oxygen from the water which is taken to various parts of the body to produce fresh blood which keeps us alive. Water is a chemical, it has no life, it is dead, yet it keeps us alive. Should we not consider ourselves dead already then? Or should we consider Hydrogen and Oxygen as alive as we are? I just killed a mosquito which was hovering over my keyboard; will the mosquito ever stop existing? Science dares to ask questions but sometimes too many questions make one look like a stupid person. Science is stupid because it questions existence, it questions creation and it questions everything that just is.

On the other hand, religion measures life in emotions. It takes the route of good and bad to differentiate between people and tries hopelessly to control every human being. The problem with religion is very basic, it affects only humans. Animals, reptiles, plants, fishes, insects seem to be least bothered about doing what is “prohibited”. There is no concept of heaven or hell in their lives, not that there is any heaven or hell actually. Religion is desperate to provide answers and in its haste, it goes on answering questions which are not even worth asking.

Life is above science and religion. Life is a very broad word in my sense. It is not associated only with the “living” but with the existing. To understand its broadness, let me give you an example. These words that you are reading, are these alive or dead? If alive, why? If dead, why? I would appreciate any answers in the comments section below.

To me, these words are alive because these words exist. These words don’t need to be born or die, eat or sleep, work or play, reproduce or kill, but still these words exist and these words are forcing you to imagine. Therefore, I would term these words alive. My laptop exists, I use it every day, it helps me in many ways and it has been my only true friend from a long time. It might be a machine but it represents life, it exists. Deep down, these words that you are reading and the laptop through which I have shared these words with you and my mind through which these words found their way out, these are all created by the same stuff, same material. Life found its way from my mind to your computer screens. Similarly, everything around you is alive. Those who die are also alive because life will find a way for them to exist, even is as a bacteria.

In one sense, there is no death. In that sense, even the dead are alive. Science needs to stop questioning and religion needs to stop answering. Everything just is but the biggest question is, “Can you too be?”

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