Celebrating Life

Life is unpredictable.

Such vast is its expanse of unpredictability that all the well planned events are tossed into a whirlpool of uncertainty and sent through a constant turmoil.

You wake up one morning in a happy mood. You ponder upon your life and the way it has shaped so far and you expect it to go on the same course for the rest of the years you have. Right there, in that moment, lies the catch. You expect it to follow the same course, you don’t know whether it would or not!

Unpredictability is hardwired in everything natural around us, it is a kind of genetic disorder that diseases life with uncertainty, pushing us into the dark zones where we are unconfident about taking a certain step, thinking about its consequences on our future. This moment of unpredictability brings into play another force of nature. Intuition.

Intuition and unpredictability go hand in hand, like a mismatched couple. Unpredictability is a scary demon, whereas intuition acts as an angel. What stands out is that both unpredictability and intuition cannot exist without each other, ever.

Anyone who thinks he can control the outcomes of his actions is a fool. Life mocks him and makes a memorable joke out of him. The world famous victims of unpredictability are the legends like Steve Jobs, John Lennon, Gandhi and several others like them. Whereas all these men worked uniquely to shine like a diamond for the rest of the time to come, all three of them were fooled by life over and over again until they began to take it easy and enjoy it one day at a time, till the life mocked them for the one last time.

Enjoyment, like ignorance, is a bliss. But, there is a drawback attached to it. Enjoyment isn’t contagious. Depression on the other hand is highly contagious. A depressed person holds the power to depress another person who might be enjoying his life pretty well until that time. Depression attracts pity whereas enjoyment attracts wonder, surprise and a questioning look.

The way society divides life, nature doesn’t. Society has an unending list of dos and don’ts. Outside the society, nature doesn’t care about controlling life, it celebrates it. Nature lets the life go loose and enjoys the journey as life travels through meadows of uncertainty riding on the horse of intuition.

If you allow intuition to guide you, life will begin to celebrate you. It will not speak to you in direct words and it will not construct a memorabilia with your name engraved on it. It will simply accept your wholeness and illuminate your very existence.

To think of it, who doesn’t like a little fireworks?

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  1. sarathyishere

    Interesting things to think about….
    After cursing it for sometime and questioning I’ve learnt that unpredictability is everything that makes life interesting and worth living. We aren’t all robots…
    but sometimes the fireworks go out of control … Looks colorful in the retrospect anyway..


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