I am not in my senses at the moment. I haven’t slept for last two days because of a long list of reasons, I am feeling dizzy but this is the most sensible state I have ever attained. Its 5 in the morning, and I just said goodbye to my mom at the railway station. While we were at the platform waiting for her train to arrive, I heard two men talking. They were referring to an article they just read in a local Hindi newspaper. I guess it was about the exponentially increasing number of rape cases in Haryana. They then kept on adding issues like corruption, inflation, global warming and everything else that they were aware of. One of them started comparing the current situation to the situation when he was born, and concluded that the world is being degraded day by day and there is a dead-end ahead. Mayans were right, the world will end in 2012 or so. That stupid yet provoking conversation led me to a trans-state where I kept storming my mind to discover what I had known from ever but realized today.

We all know that the world is composed of elements like love, truth, care, hatred, anger, relationships and the list goes on and on. So, basically we can categorize the composition as positive and negative, and as per those men on platform, the negative is rising higher and higher leaving the positive counterpart behind. I disagree. When I was in 8th standard, I was told about the neutrality of an atom. An atom contains as much of positive charge as it contains negative. Once that neutrality is disturbed and one charge exceeds the other, the atom becomes unstable and develops an affinity for neutrality. Similarly, the world cannot be ionized, there would always be equal balance between the positive and the negative. It may not seem to be balanced but it always is. All of the scriptures have been saying this for years. I’ll quote you an example.

In the Hindu mythology, there is an incident known as  ‘Samudra-Manthana’ or ‘Ocean Juggling’. It was believed that the sea contained innumerable riches in terms of precious stones. Both Gods & Devils wanted to collect as many riches as possible and hence the war broke out. A peace treaty was drawn after sometime in which the gods and the devils agreed upon the condition that whatever is found in the oceans, would be equally distributed among both the parties. The process started and everything that came out was divided into two shares: one for the gods and the other for the devils, until there appeared Amrit, a drink that possessed the power of immortalitzation. Gods were afraid that if devils gained immortality, there would be immense slaughter of humanity. Gods decided not share it and played a trick. Gods made Devils consume wine instead of Amrit. Only one Devil among all drank Amrit and became immortal. The rest remained mortal. I believe that’s the reason for Hindus to worship over 330 million Gods who attained mortality, deceiving their counterparts. No one wants to worship Devils.

As I discovered it to be, Mother Nature wanted to feed both of its aspect equally. The Amrit was there for both Gods and Devils as it should have been to maintain the neutrality, but the Gods (or the good ones) had to adopt a devilish act to make sure that goodness triumphs and it did, but not without negativity. People who follow Gods may supply us tonnes of reasons to justify but the only reason that holds true is Mother Nature. The world cannot be ionized, there would always be an equal amount of positive and negative. Where there is peace, love and brotherhood, there is violence and hatred. We play no role in balancing mother nature. It balances herself. There is a reason for existence of everything, even negativity. We just need to realize it. Pondering upon that mans’ statement regarding the degradation, I conclude that there was never a time in human history when civilization didn’t believe that it is going to end, but it never did, maybe it never will.

Ah! what a realization. I got out of my trans state as the train arrived. I touched my mothers’ feet, received her blessings before she boarded the train. I turned towards home with a hope that I would now be able to have a sound sleep. While on my way back, I felt like going back to the platform and share what I just felt, but then I was reminded by my sub consciousness, we play no role in balancing nature, it balances herself. Against each someone who suffers from misconception, there is someone enlightened.

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  1. Priya

    “Against each someone who suffers from misconception, there is someone enlightened.”…..
    Excellent line…and an awesome piece of enlightment…yet again…!!


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