The way people end a relationship tells a lot about the other party in it. Their reactions at the very end are mere reflections of each other when it all boils down to the level of extracting salt and chlorine from the days they spent together, and largely enjoyed.
I fell in love with you at the first sight. No doubt you were a mess, but I saw the beauty in you and took it upon myself to bring out the best in you. People say I have succeeded in doing so. They say you look great now, much better than ever. I practiced several details inside my head before I shared my wisdom with you.
Now, that I am leaving you, I am worried a bit.
I wish the best for you, know this. I also wish you do not feel hollow when I leave you. We have a long life ahead and we will have thousands of life altering experiences in future that will change us for the good of it. When I take my stuff and step out of the main door, for never to return, do not try to find me, because I know for sure I will never look for you again. Once I’m done, I’m done.
I advise you to accept people whole heartedly. Some might bruise you, give you pain and there will be some who will nurture you and balance the wrongs done to you with their rights. Love them who behave kind with you. One day you will wake up and won’t find me around you. From that day onwards, you will be on your own in this world full of strange people. You will make your presence felt, your voice heard. You will talk to them of course as now you know how to.
Someone will open the doors again and they will try to change you as they see fit. Do not resist, let them change you. Not everyone will add to your beauty, some will deface you as well. You will need to become and behave like the sea. You will need to enjoy both high and low tides. Though mere waves at the shore do not define the sea, but waves do bring the message of what is going on deep inside the ocean.
Be an ocean, be open to receive all the trash the world wants to throw on you, because once you receive, only then you shall be able to give it back.
You have been a very good apartment to us and as we move out to a better place, we wish the best for you too. May good souls keep nurturing you the way we did.
We’ll miss you.

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