The blood in my veins rushes to its maximum speed, correlating with the beats per minute of my heart, sending signals to my brain that I am highly excited at this moment.

Wait, isn’t the above sentence wrong?

Is it ‘I’ who is excited or is it my body?

Now, the thoughts and logics about the centuries old question come flooding in. The greatest questions of all times: Who am I?

My brain hasn’t done any research about who all have attempted to answer this question and my thinking does not care as well because there could be as many answers to this questions as there are people on this planet. More than seven billion answers to one question, how amazing is that!

‘Who are you to dictate me about my life?’ My brain had directed my mouth to ask someone once and he had answered, ‘I am your father and I gave birth to you and I have all the right to do whatsoever I want to do with you.’

The answer got my brain thinking instantly. It dropped the argument, whatever that was, and began to explore the possibility of finding an answer to this magnificent unanswered question. Who was he? He was my father. Who am I? I am his son. The objection kicked in instantly. No, I was not his son, it was my body he had given birth to, I am not my body. I have several body parts, tissues, cells, organs, network of neurons and muscle cells and bones and what else and what not, but all of it constitutes my body. What makes me? What made me?

Did experiences make me or intuitions or reflexes or thinking made me? My body uses different senses to have exeriences and intuitions, act reflexively and and my brain takes care of the thinking part. My legs take my body wherever my brain wants it to go. Do you see the obvious? It is the brain or the mind, that calls the shot and creates an illusion to make me believe that I am whatever my brain is making my body to do. I am not going to fall for it. The mind is the devil here, sitting right at the top, stringed to every cell in my body and controlling it like a supercomputer controls a preprogrammed experiment.

If it is the mind that controls everything in my body then probably I am my mind. But, all the available knowledge agrees that everything is made up of atoms. All the stars, the planets, the sun, the sand, the sea waterm the crow, the Himalayas, the Andes, the polar bear, the bacteria, the giraffe, the bee, the stone, the wind, the river, the algae, everything is made up of atoms and atoms arrange in different situations and positions to differentiate everything from everything. So, am I just a smartly arranged collection of atoms? Or I can become liberal and call myself Jupiter, or Pluto, or the Sun, or The Milky Way or the entire Cosmos, everything?

Am I not everything and nothing all at once?

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