Thoughts have wings.

Imagination has the power to cross billions of light years of distance in a mere millisecond. It beats the speed of light, and that too, every moment. Put anyone at the job of imagining and jotting down what he imagines and you will end up with chaos on paper. It would make no sense. Unguided imagination is chaotic and follows no laws of physics though it uses a physical instrument, brain, to imagine. Humans have means of language to interpret their imagination into words. I wonder how unique and novel it would be to see what a species like a jellyfish imagines. Does it imagine at all, or does it just follow it’s instinct? It sure as hell knows it needs to find food and apply a defence mechanism in order to stay alive. It knows it needs to reproduce so the species continues to exist. The question I ask is, how does it know it needs to do certain things to survive? Is there a language that exists, that humans haven’t discovered yet?

Of course, all of us carry a genetic bible within us that guides the way our bodies work and there is a little we can do to edit any information contained in it. We experiment on plants and animals but have not had enough guts to openly declare the marvels, the possibilities of enhancing and enriching human lives by genetically modifying the future generations. We consume genetically modified cereals and meat, as it is touted to be free of harmful microbes contained in the natural product. What is stopping us to genetically modify a human baby and see how it goes? Why care about morality and inhumanity when it comes to humans? Aren’t we just another species sharing the planet among millions of others?

As long as there exist shackles of morality and religion, the human race cannot truly advance to the unknown to understand it. Columbus discovered America only when he sailed the seas in a direction nobody had done before. NASA made a human walk on the moon because they treated moon as a lifeless planetary object rather than an assumed god that brings bad luck to Indian Hindus.

In order to reach new heights, one has to exert extraordinary uplift. Caged minds have never been able to achieve more than basic necessities of life and true visionaries have achieved impossible feats without even spending a penny from their pockets. The world bows to those who are willing to take charge and one must never allow anyone to control any aspect of their lives. In reality there is no dawn or dusk, only the  position of our planet against that of the Sun.

All we need is to treat everything in real terms and step forward to turn our dreams into actions and eventually a new reality.

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