Of all the shapes I see around me everyday, only circles and triangles seem to the truthful ones. Its because circles and triangles exist naturally everywhere.

I see the very first natural circles when I see myself in the mirror every morning, they are my eyes. They are circular, the pupils are circular, the iris is circular as well and as far as science knows, the retina is also circular, and not to forget people who generally choose circular glasses, I am sure circular glasses must be more helpful for vision than rectangular ones because circular glasses collect equal amount of rays coming from the circular sun and pass them on to the eyes. As a fact, Steve Jobs & Mahatma Gandhi wore circular glasses and both died much before their time, but both changed the world around them before their deaths.

As for the triangles, I see mountains, highest of them and smallest of them, deepest of them and widest of them, all in triangular shapes. Then I notice basin deltas, again naturally existing triangles. Human liver, human heart also resembles triangles, if looked in one dimension. Circles & triangles, the basic shapes, the shapes given to us by nature. I wish humans had kept things simpler. I wish they hadn’t discovered mathematics, hence the other shapes would never be created, there would be no use of squares, rhombuses, parallelograms, cubes, cylinders in the natural world without mathematics. We have jumbled everything together and now we do not know the simple ways to go back to innocence.

See what mathematics has brought us to. With the help of calculations we understood laws, we understood nature, motion, sight, force and power. With the help of calculations we created transport, engines, industry. With the help of calculations we reached till moon and with precise calculations we dropped nuclear bombs and killed millions of innocent people. The anger has taken a new form, a new shape. He who has been angry on other, will be angry with his own self one day and destroy himself, with precise calculations.

I was lost thinking today afternoon about shapes. I wondered what would be the shape of anger, what would be the shape of happiness, what if we could calculate precise shapes of human emotions, what would be the shape of love? What would be the shape of freedom? What do they mean when they say our acts shape our personality, do they know the shape of their personality? Above all, what would be the shape of life?

I have recently understood that life happens to us when we accept it unconditionally, when we are ready to welcome it, no matter what shape it comes in. If we try to control it by fulfilling certain conditions, we lose the charm of it. Life moves on, it doesn’t bother at all and we become dead. The sooner we break out of the confinement of control the better, because all control is from the mind and the mind is very small. A small part is trying to dominate everything that is much bigger in size, much bigger in shape and understanding. Life goes on moving, we are left behind and we feel frustrated about it. Mind tries to capture the moment by saying ‘Look, you didn’t control well, that’s why you missed, so control more.’

The truth is just the opposite; people miss because of too much control. Be like a wild river, and much, much that you cannot even dream, cannot even imagine, cannot even hope, is available just by the corner, just within reach. Live a life of open hand, the whole sky is available, without any shape. Never settle for less, the whole sky is our birthright. Once you understand that life is never going to be goal-confined, goal oriented, then you flow in all directions with no fear. Because there is no failure, there is no success either, both shapes disappear, there is no frustration. Finality means death, perfection, goals, achievements mean death, that’s why nobody stops when the goal is achieved, they start looking for more, they started working for more.

If I ever got a chance to build a house, I would build it in triangular shape, opening its face towards the east, so that every morning, I collect the maximum of sunlight in my home. I would welcome all the sun’s might every morning. I love the sun for two reasons. First, its shape is circular, which means it is natural, second that it has been powering planets for a billion years. We owe everything to the sun. Planet earth is one big solar power generator. Plants need sun, animals need sun, humans need sun. We are unable to create an artificial sun if the sun decides to stop shining this very moment. A divine light is upon us everyday and we take it for granted. We are all like a blind man searching for light. The light is there, it has always been there, we need the cure. Stop thinking, start living. It is as simple as it can be.

Just think: if a choice is given to you, that you can die in your bed or you can jump into a well or you can go into the ocean; what would you choose if the choice is given? I think nobody would choose the bed. Why not die in the ocean with the circular sun on your head? Why not die jumping from a triangular mountain peak? Why not have that thrill? Something beautiful is always on the way, don’t prevent it or you will be jumbled all across the width and breadth of your life.

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