Non Existential Tomorrow

Four months ago, I decided to write a blog post every alternative day and I ended up not writing even one during all this time. I suck at meeting deadlines and yet I arrive everywhere right on time. Two absolutely contrasting constraints, one would say. This is my problem and I must deal with it, for the rest of my life. What you can do, for now, is to stop delaying things until tomorrow, especially the ones you can do today. If you can eat one more morsel of a perfectly cooked roti by your wife, do it today for she might not cook a perfect meal tomorrow. If you can talk to your friends today, do it and be done with it. Don’t leave anything for tomorrow because the truth is that tomorrow doesn’t exist.

Treat tomorrow like a pregnant woman who is going to deliver a ‘baby today’ right at midnight, impregnating it with another ‘today’ that will be delivered at midnight today. Most of us waste all our today’s hoping to live a comfortable life tomorrow, which never comes. Tomorrow is a dream that shatters itself at the end of today and gives birth to another today. Delaying something till tomorrow means you might never get it done today and end up not doing it at all.

A person’s lifetime consists of today’s and all that matters is how you live your todays and make them better by using all you have got. Achieving a professional success is never as important as achieving a personal milestone. Tell jokes or be a joker, write stories or read some, share pictures or like some, record videos or act in some, the point is to leave an impression for people to remember you. Talk in a way that makes people think, or at least laugh. Eat whatever you want to eat but make sure to sweat it out rather than shit it out. Use your entire body to breathe, not just the lungs. Feel the wind, but do not jump off the sand dunes. Take care of your calcaneus and let your thoughts fly instead because imagination is a better artist than any human.

Imagination cannot be measured in science and it is the fastest medium to travel anywhere. Think ‘Sun’ and you’re looking at it in your head whereas light requires eight minutes to travel that far. One Astronomical Unit equals to eight minutes of time required by light to travel, and you can think Jupiter and visualize it, instantly. Think of creatures living in galaxies humans will never know. Think about living beings made of iron and breathing hydrogen and suddenly, everything is possible. Imagination is the perfect time machine us humans could ever ask for. Think about the past, the present or the future and you are instantly there, no gadgets required, no switches to flip, no need to maintain a constant speed of eighty-eight miles per hour to break the time travel barrier, and yet that too, was a result of someone’s imagination. Someone who had the guts to not only imagine, but also teach the world to do so as well.

When you imagine, you attain a power to change your thoughts and feelings. But when you combine your imagination with the actions you take today, you take your existence to a whole new level. Writing, as well, is just another form of imagination that is understood collectively by the world, and that too, in so many different variations. There is magic in imagination, but only when you dare to imagine and work towards bringing it to reality today, not tomorrow.


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  1. Insach

    “There is magic in imagination, but only when you dare to imagine and work towards bringing it to reality today, not tomorrow.”
    That bridges the gap between the law of attraction and it’s practical use right there. Nice post 😊


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