This has to be the longest duration of time I have been absent from the blog. It is not that I didn’t want to write, but when do we ever get what we want? I just couldn’t or perhaps I should write, I just didn’t. When the number of people around you grows, you start thinking about them rather than thinking about yourself. Parties, night outs, traveling, discussions, misunderstandings and judgments take the front seat and send personal growth, reading, writing, responding to the rear. Shall not happen again. This is no excuse for not being able to write one post every other day. How do I plan to get better if I do not do what I am bad at. Practice maketh the man perfect but it is the manners that maketh the man in the first place. If I do not mannerize myself to write, when would I write bad and if I do not write bad, when would I get better and finally, if I do not get better, who will read me?

There is an ultimate writer’s advice that any writer would give to his readers who want to write: Write for yourself. How wrong. Nobody writes for themselves. Everybody writes so that the world could read them, could connect with their experiences, could share their own and let the chain continue. If you only had to write for yourself, what was the need for the book launches and flashy interviews? What was the need to write fake reviews of your own book and the multiple orders to attain top position on the bestsellers list? If everyone had to write for themselves, why would the world be interested in Anne Frank? Diaries would be sold in millions and nobody would bother to read books. Stop giving that nonsense advice that one should write for oneself and not for anybody else.

We have been writing for others since the beginning of our times. Bible was not written for the God himself, it was written for the fools like us, and so was the Quran and other books of faith. We have been writing our answer sheets for the teachers to examine and judge our potential for the world. We have been writing emails to convince the purchase managers or to inform the sales team on revised targets and incentives. When do we read what we write? How many times have you read your personal diary from five years ago? You just write it and somewhere in the deep trenches of your heart, you yearn for it to be discovered by someone, to be read and to be informed about your deepest feelings that you couldn’t put into words.

I want to be read. I want to be misunderstood so that I can write again to be understood fairly. I want to be requested to write, to be pushed to write, everyday if possible and I will, because as I liberate the words from my mind, I liberate myself from the shackles of the fear of rejection and mockery. Reject me and I will reject you. Mock me and I will mock you back. You be you, I’ll be shamelessly rebooting myself everyday.

Let’s see what you got.

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