The Good Love

It is impossible for anyone to forget their first kiss, no matter how bad it was. Equally impossible is to forget the first touch of the opposite sex, the first hug, the first shared meal they had, the first movie they saw together, the first time they tried to have sex, the first time they actually had sex. These are all memories one attains for life, and memories, over the course of time, get transformed into lessons.

Love evolves, changes itself, upgrades itself with the modern world. No longer the cinema is exciting, you want to go to pubs and clubs, get drunk, dance your asses off, get wasted and sleep on each other while being driven back home in a taxi.

Actually, the love of the first decade of your life is the sweetest, the most innocent. You are unaware of the idea of sex, so you love naturally. You love the other person for the things they do. You love the person for asking an extra pencil from you, or even for saying thank you while returning it. You love the person just because of the way they laugh. You don’t see anything else other than their eyes, or lips, because there is nothing else to see at that age.

The love of the second decade of your life is messy. You go through puberty and become aware of sex. Yet, you decide to fight the bad sex and pledge to keep your love pure, because apparently sex is bad because your parents said so. You don’t want to look at your partner that way, you don’t want to imagine them naked, you don’t want to imagine them in such a position until marriage. Wait, why do I sound old? Youngsters today get all sorts of sexual experiences before they even get to know about the true nature of sex. May be, I am just talking about myself. I used to be like really old school.
The love of the third decade is productive. You create life and feel the magic of it. The life you created grows around you for the years to come and shows you everyday what you can do if you use your talents in the right direction. You feel grateful for being able to create something. But how wrong you are. For nature, it was just another successful experiment, with all the codes and mutations intact, nothing gone wrong, a perfect creation to continue the process of life and death.

I haven’t experienced the love of the fourth decade yet. I am just beginning to and I have realized something. The love changes with every decade. From innocence to messy to creative to ferocious. Now, I love fearlessly and ferociously. No, I don’t feel scared or shy to share the ways of love, to joke about it, to have fun with it, to live it everyday in the food I eat to maintain myself or the work I do to sustain myself. Now, I love without bondage because I have understood that the good love is having amazing sex.

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