A Dog Is A Dog Is A Dog

‘A dog is a dog for every dog but a human is not human for every human.’ – Rob


Rob was a regular street dog. He was lean, fit, cruel & independent. On any given day, he was able to outrun any number of dogs in his locality. Rob was the best when it came to survival. He had been surviving all the risks of living in streets and facing dangerous situations everyday all by himself. He never lived in a single street for a longer period of time. He had two reasons for that. First, staying at one place for a longer time and surviving successfully makes other dogs jealous. Second, he liked reaching a new place and mark his own territory, again and again, every time. He was a regular street dog, but he considered himself no less than a tiger.

Crux was a pet dog in a bungalow located in one of the posh colonies of the city. He was respected in the community of pet dogs because of his lavish lifestyle. Crux’s owner made sure that everything was taken care about him. His food was always of the best quality to avoid any kind of disease or sickness. He was a healthy, neat & clean dog and stayed inside his little dog-hut most of the time. Every other pet dog in the colony was jealous with the amount of comfort Crux had in his life. He was not dictated to do anything and was loved no matter what he did. There was something about Crux which set him apart from the rest of the pet dogs in the colony. Some of the days, he would stand near the bungalow gate and imagine life outside his home. He used to look at this new street dog who had recently arrived in the colony and secretly envy him for being independent. Crux wanted to be independent too and live life on his terms for once and he began to look for ways to make friends with the new street dog.

Biley was a bitch who lived few blocks away from Crux’s little dog hut in the big bungalow. She was a pet in a normal compound home. Her owners would let her go wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted, with whomever she wanted. She had a lot of friends in both bitches and dogs. One afternoon she noticed a new street dog in her locality. The dog was shuffling rags of paper in search of food, that’s what she guessed, and she brought a bread loaf from her house and shared it with him. Both of them began to meet regularly and a good friendship developed between them in a very short span of time. Rob cared about Biley. He was very protective of her. He would guide Biley in terms of choosing dogs and bitches to be friends with for he had seen the world and he knew how dogs were around. Biley, on the other hand, had the habit to make friends everywhere. It was just a matter of time before she would experience that Rob was right, to the point.

Crux’s neighbor pet dog introduced Rob to him during one of their visits to the community park. Rob was sitting near the gate, looking at all the pet dogs walking in and out of the park. Rob himself never went to such parks. He bore an opinion that dogs should never try to behave as humans want them too. He always emphasized on genuineness, uniqueness and independence. He used a phrase on a regular basis, “A dog is a dog for every dog but a human is not human for every human.”

Rob and Crux became friends in a very short span of time because Rob observed that Crux was different. He did not live for just three meals a day, he desired much more from his life. Crux too learned many things about Rob. Rob had never had an owner ever, he observed and learned everything on his own. His thinking pattern might be wrong for most of the dogs but in his heart he knew the best thing was to be true to himself. Crux further confirmed Rob’s thoughts and theories by showing his regards every time Rob shared something new with him. Rob taught him to use his smelling power to search for food. He also taught him to follow certain codes when living life without being dependent on anyone.

Crux never saw Rob bark. Rob stayed unexpectedly quiet. Once a group of street dogs took Rob’s food forcibly. Rob gave them a long stare and growled in a very low tone. He then walked away, looked for more food for himself and get on with his life. Crux noticed that Rob was always living among troubles but he managed it so well that he seemed to be away from the trouble. Crux, on the other hand, never had any trouble. Crux shared his feelings with Rob that he wants to leave the bungalow and experience life outside. Rob encouraged him most of the time, telling him stories about his experiences, the troubles he faced and the lessons he learnt. In few days, Rob and Crux were seen together most of the time. Either Rob would be seen sitting near the gate of the bungalow where Crux’s little dog hut was or Crux was trolling in the park near the gate where Rob sat regularly.

One  such evening, Rob made Crux meet Biley. From that day onwards, Crux and Biley became very good friends. Biley was friendly with everyone by nature and there was no doubt she wouldn’t make friends with Crux for the simple reason that Rob recommended him. Both Crux & Biley began to meet on a regular basis. On the other hand, it had been many weeks while Rob was living in the colony and his time to change his place was nearing soon. He was beginning to feel bored with the colony. He knew every dog and every dog knew him. He always believed when life begins to fall into routine, things must be changed forcibly. One should never fall prey to routine. He decided to inform Crux that he was leaving the colony for once and all. There was another thing troubling Rob as well. He decided he would tell it to Crux and believed that Crux will not let him down. Next morning, while they were hanging around at the path outside the community garden, Rob decided to break the ice.

‘Do you love Biley?’ Rob’s blunt question took Crux by surprise.

‘Why do you think so?’ Crux seemed clearly surprised.

‘I see you two together always these days.’ Rob said.

‘So does that mean we are in love?’

‘I think so.’

‘No Rob! This cannot happen!’ Crux replied in a frustrated tone.

‘Why not? Every bitch needs a dog and every dog needs a bitch. And as far as I know, Biley is a good bitch, good enough for you.’

‘But I am seeing a bitch already. I don’t want to confuse myself with an extra relationship so soon. Moreover, I don’t know what’s going to happen with my current one.’

‘I haven’t seen you with anyone ever Crux. Don’t lie to me.’

‘I am not lying Rob, its just that we never talked about it and I haven’t shared it with you.’

‘I’m leaving the town Crux and Biley will feel alone. I want you to take care of her. Just as I did. Can you do this for me?’

‘Where are you going Rob? You can’t go as yet! We had a deal that we will go together this time. I want to experience the world too, its harshness, the struggles it offers, everything.’

‘I hate making close friends Crux. When there are too many, I move on. My time in this locality is over. I have to go. I’ll leave in a day or two. Before that, I want to see you and Biley as good friends, who’ll be there for each other in time of need. Promise me you’ll do it.’

Crux didn’t say anything. Rob knew Crux wouldn’t say anything. Rob left the colony same evening, without informing anyone, not even Biley.

Rob’s sudden departure took both Crux & Biley by surprise. He was favorite among all the friends they both had and both of them believed Rob would be there in time of need. But they would not have guessed in their wildest of dreams that Rob will disappear just like that. Rob was remembered as a good friend by everyone but for Biley, he was more than a friend. For her, he was a mentor, a guide who was always there for her, no matter what problem she was in, no matter if she asked for help or not, Rob would be there, anytime.

Few weeks passed and Crux could feel that Biley was not herself anymore. She seemed lost for no reason. She would start talking about Rob all of a sudden. Crux argued about it a lot of times. Crux told Biley about Rob’s wish but Biley couldn’t accept Crux in place of Rob. She knew in her heart that the way Rob took care of her and her problems, Crux would never be able to do so, reason being Crux had had an easy life whereas Rob learnt the aspects of life the hard way.

It was a cloudy morning while Crux and Biley were strolling in the park. Biley had just told her that she was going to find Rob. Crux didn’t reply at all. He remembered there was a time when he too wanted to be a street dog and experience life the way Rob did. But the charm of the little dog hut and the nice park walk was more appealing than searching for food in a dustbin at the road corner. Crux offered Biley a space in the little dog hut but Biley had made up her mind. Her choices were clear.

She told him that he hadn’t been faithful to Rob about his promises. Crux would always talk of the future, about the time when one day he would leave the bungalow and live life of his dreams whereas Rob was already living one. It was Rob who was faithful to himself and Crux was continuously cheating his own feelings but still it was Crux who was known as a faithful pet dog and would be known as one all his life. For the world, Rob was just a street dog, but Biley hadn’t seen any pet dog as faithful as Rob was to himself.

Biley decided to remain faithful towards herself and towards her feelings for Rob. She left in search of Rob. She might be still searching for him in a deserted street and Rob is unaware of the fact that he unknowingly changed a life. He had wished at one time to be able to change Crux’s life, because he always believed that a dog is a dog for every dog. But it was Biley who, instead of being a bitch, acted selflessly and set out on a never ending journey to find the dog she loved the most.

If dogs are known to be faithful to their masters, then why are the bitches cursed? They too are the same species and always as faithful as dogs.

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