Have you ever wondered why thoughts and ideation hold so much weight? Looks like every thought of seven billion people gushes in the air every day and holds the earth in its place. Do our minds have eternal possession we know quite little of? A possession that goes beyond mere physical being. What if our conscience has an ever-beating heart that lives long after we decompose. What if it’s all true?

The questions never stop and answers never fail to rise. Arguments are woven every day about everything that exists and is imagined. Every particle that is seen and every vibe that is felt has something to inspire us every week, every day, today, and now.

Well, as long as the heart never stops and the mind constantly wakes up to a new day of gushing thoughts, I want to extend my share of knowledge and experiences extracted from moments and experiences lived. On this website, you will always find relevant pieces of information that can benefit both the amateur and the adept, the being and the business, the concept, and the company.

So if you’re looking to start up a business, learn about investments, wanting to re-direct your career, or even learn how to make an espresso, you can derive a personalized solution, direction, and knowledge here.

Don't read me. Read what I wrote.

Hello. I am Witty.Vocal.Adventurous.Funny.a Story-Teller.a Problem Solver.an Ikea assembler.an Entrepreneur.a Listener.a Lover.Local.a Proton.a Free Soul.

I live among the mountains, I have lived among the cities.

I write about Life and my experiences.




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