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Ajeeb Daastaans – Netflix

Before you read this article, be aware that this is not a review. This is my observation of the society through a movie.


Karan Johar is riding the new wave, that he himself created, of anthology movies. I personally feel it is a good thing to watch four crisp short stories of 30 minutes each rather than watch an unnecessarily elongated movie of 90 – 120 minutes with non-required item numbers, comic situations and unrealistic action sequences.


After Lust Stories and Ghost Stories, the combination of RSVP Movies and Netflix decided to translate their next anthology movie title from ‘Strange Stories’ to Urdu and retitled it as ‘Ajeeb Daastaans’. Trust me when I tell you, there is nothing Ajeeb about these four tales. Characters like Babloo, Sushil, Priya and Natasha have always been around us. It’s us who haven’t noticed what goes on in their lives. It is strikingly similar to how we do not acknowledge what goes on in our own lives many a times. Continue reading