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Aadat – The Magic

When Sulaeyman Khan starts flirting with the Classical Guitar, the listener has no idea what’s going to happen next. It’s a free fall from the moment first string is disturbed until Goher Mumtaz ends it with a high pitched Jal theme. Once it’s over, replay it, and pay attention to that tear skipping from the corner of your eye.


There’s pure connection of the soul with the vibration. The moment is as alive as you can make it, by giving your honest concentration to the art that is this version of Aadat.


Nescafe Basement is going to have a really tough time creating something as good as this piece of music again.


I cannot deal with absence. No one can. Anyone who admits that he can deal with absence is a liar and anyone who has to lie, can do so only in the absence of truth. Both truth and lie cannot co-exist. Darkness prevails in the absence of light and vice-versa. Hate exists in the absence of love, silence exists in the absence of sound, no exists in the absence of yes, life exists in the absence of death. Presence and absence make a wonderful couple, like the ‘made for each other’ ones. For someone to be present, someone else has to  be absent. That is what I call the law of presence, or should I call it the law of absence? Continue reading