Being : ‘Curious’

How do you define curiosity? Is it a positive aspect or a negative aspect of someone’s character?

I have answered many questions in my life but they were not all the questions that were asked. There were many questions that had no connection with the heart, questions that were merely of the head and the head is already filled up with so much of garbage. I’m sorry I don’t want to be unkind, I am just trying to unburden the mind. We need to choose the questions that help our mind to unburden itself.

There are questions which are concerned with our surroundings, conditionings, beliefs. I am against all beliefs as such. I don’t support any belief for the simple reason that it is a belief. I don’t want to believe, I want to know and the first condition to know is that I shall drop all my beliefs.

There are questions which are only out of curiosity. They don’t deserve to be answered. Life has become more of a mystery school and people are deeply interested in a quest about which they know absolutely nothing. I don’t want to waste my time on a single person’s curiosity. Curiosity is something like itching in the head. One can scratch his own head, I need not bother about it. I shall be happy about the fact that somebody is curious about me or what I do. In fact, the curious person is not sincere in the first place. He has asked question just by the way. He does not want to know anything, his question is not out of any longing. Curiousness does not show any appetite, it shows only childishness – the way children ask questions, about each and everything. If you can just be patient, within a minute they forget all about it, and then they start asking new questions.

I have seen people who ask out of curiosity, and if you answer them, by the time you answer them, there are other curiosities arising in their minds. They don’t even listen to your answer. You are not even finished with the answer, and a totally new question, which has no relevance to the first, is put before you – as if they are not in search of anything but just seeing things. A curious mind is like a monkey, it sees an apple and keeps fumbling it, smelling it, biting it until it sees a banana.

I don’t like to, don’t want to waste time, I have wasted much already. Time is very precious for those who are on a quest, each moment is of tremendous importance.

People ask questions which are not even questions! They are, on the contrary, answers itself and I have no idea about how to answer an answer. People are full of knowledge, they know the answers already, all they want from me is the support for their answer. If you know, you know, there is no need to support. If you do not know, then accept it and I will try to help.

Whys are always unanswerable. It is one of the fallacious assumptions of the mind that every question, every why can be answered. You are – there is no why about it. Mind asks why, because its curious, it wants to know the answer for everything. It needs to support facts, it needs to make sure. It is a disease, an illness, something which cannot be satisfied because if you answer one why, another arises immediately. Every answer creates more questions.

Curiosity is good up to a certain limit. It can be enjoyed when its new, like we like to answer every question of a child, every time. But, in schools, in colleges, universities, professors are not energetic while answering questions raised by the students. They have a dull aura surrounding them which makes them boring. With time, curiosity begins to irritate people around us. A person who tries to know everything just for the sake of knowing is not respectable, should not be. One has to stop asking questions, and start finding answers.

Mind is so curious that it first want to know what is hidden before knowing what naturally exists. I usually read the last chapter of a book first of all, and it has nothing to do with anything else other than curiosity. It is my one of the stupidest curiosities to read the last chapter to know whether the book has a happy ending or a sad one. Being curious is harmful, it is negative. A wandering mind will not work efficiently. The mind must be focused, intensively focused, that’s how you see, that’s how you find, that’s how you know.

The problem with people these days is that they are far more curious, far more inquiring, at times I am too. We have begun to see sense in non-sense, we have begin to see no-purpose as having its own purpose. Life is, world is, we are, why question? Why inquire? Don’t be just curious, be involved. We miss life and all the celebration it contains, every single day. We miss because we never feel courageous enough to commit ourselves to anything.  We remain passers-by, spectators, on-lookers but we never participate. Existence cannot be known via curiosity but by participation. Enter into life without asking questions, without doubting. Being curious is a waste of time, mysteries are open only to those who participate.

One should not get lost in formalities. Don’t be nice, don’t be good, be wild, be true, be expressive. Formalities are okay to begin with but one should not remain there. Formalities are like a jumping board, once you cross them, you have to get into the sea and you have to face all the dangers and all the joys. Being curious means you just want to know something about the danger and something about the joy and imagine yourself in a certain situation. But, imagining and being in a situation are different. People who have never loved cannot imagine being in it. One needs to be loved, and lost, and loved again and each time it’s a unique experience. Each danger is a new challenge to your being. It provokes everything that is asleep within you, it awakes everything.

Being curious is being disciple, you make someone else the master of your curiosity. The other person has to answer for you to know. A disciple has to choose the master, a seeker does not. Involve, participate, face the reality and go deeper everyday. Even if you question, question innocently, not curiously. One has to involve in the process of questioning as well as answering.

People see you happy, they are curious to know why! People see you sad, they are curious to know why! People are not responsible for your happiness or your sadness, still they are curious. They are in no way related to the matters going on inside you, and still they want to know! It is such a laughable state. Those who are the reasons, know, those who are not, want to know and those who are happy are busy being just that, happy.

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