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Funny incidents take place between me and my wife all the time. She would reach out and hold my hand while we wait at a red signal and won’t let go even when the signal turns green. She would bend herself in a pretty awkward and uncomfortable position to keep her head at my shoulder while I am driving. She would drop her hairpin, comb or hairband under her seat to be handed over to me by the car cleaners at a petrol station.

Funny conversations take place between me and my wife all the time. Just like other couples, we have agreed on certain dos and dont’s when it comes to handling finances. We share most of the expenses equally among us. I take care of few and she takes care of the rest. She finds it unfair that I pay my share by cashing on to my travel and daily allowance. I find ways to make a few bucks here and there and she doesn’t find it fair to use that money as my share towards our expenses.

She likes to eat at fancy restaurants though. We go to movies regularly as well. She likes to be pampered and I make sure I present her with unique gifts every now and then.

We are headed on a well inclined path as of now. I may finally be able to take a mid-life retirement in a year or two and start churning out pages after pages full of stories. I have a comfortable job, she has a demanding one. I don’t have to achieve targets anymore where as she filed her appraisal form yesterday. She is working hard because she wants me to pursue my dreams. I love her dearly for that.

The funny part is, she won’t mind giving me an external benefit herself so I don’t have to work or share any of the expenses of the house but she minds the fact that I manipulate my office so I can share her burden and still maintain a rather expensive lifestyle.

Anyway, I know I am lucky. There are friends with benefits and then there are political benefits, but I am one lucky guy who will continue to enjoy external benefits, even after retirement.

Looking forward.

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  1. Rajeev

    Hi bro nice blog. while surfing the net i came here. and just read one post.. nice mantra.. subscribing it and saving to read all ur published and to be published posts.. cheers..!


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