Surprised, not so much.

I have been surprised multiple times today. So much that I have had to take out time to put it in writing because I didn’t want to lose the essence of this feeling that is with me since last night. It feels as if I am on a constant high since the two beers I had last night. By the way, I rarely drink more than one 50 cl each night when I am in Dubai.

I am surprised by the amount of energy I am showing of late at work. Taking back to back flights for work, working tirelessly, getting responsibilities like never before and ending up getting things done, one way or another. Future has never looked busier, if not better.People say it is quite a task to match up to my expectations from them. I am very demanding, both in terms of work and friendship. People have started to know me as a direct, no nonsense individual. I expect a lot from everyone simply because, solo, I do a lot, without giving a damn about my physical, verbal and mental limitations.

I may not know everything about something but I definitely know something about everything. This has been my driving force, to gain more knowledge, to surpass the next visible hurdle and never bypass it. I have become more careful about what is happening inside and around me. I have changed my diet to take care of rising cholesterol levels. I have started investing in ventures that promise good returns. I have started taking care of people around me, as a leader, because I know if I do not, they will lose themselves under their failures and sympathies of their friends and family.

Well, enough about me and what is going on with me. Let’s discuss about you.

You, who thought I was very busy to be disturbed, you should have thought about my reactions to my delayed knowledge of whatever had been going on with you.

You, who thought I would scold you for your life decisions, you should have thought about how I have always been there for you, in protecting, guiding and pulling you out of shitty situations, except for the ones you decided to get into.

You, who thought I would say yes to everything you ask of me, you should have thought about how you said yes to everything anyone asked of you and how it resulted in bringing you to your knees and made you beg for a respectable life.

You, who thought you can control me with your position in the family, you should have thought about how a cyclone destroys everything that comes in its path.

You, who thought I will always remain a terrified introvert, you should have thought about how the sun is always shining somewhere in the world and it was just a matter of time till the sunshine reached me.

You, who thought I would not learn from my mistakes and will end up as a failure, you should have thought about how failure keeps returning, to those who tell stories of their failures but not of their successes, to those who grab on to their pasts so hard that they don’t look at the possibility of a better future for themselves, and to those who have nothing important in life than to curse the day they decided to do something different.

Well, something about me now, again.

I am the one who looks at the stars and believes I was one in the past and I will be one again in a million years.

I am the one who jumps from a sand dune and hopes to fly but ends up lying flat on my face with a broken calcaneus and a lesson to wear shoes the next time I jump.

I am the one who walks into a fight, knowing that he is overpowered and ends with a broken nose and a content that he broke two jaws.

I am the one who trusts people can do so much better than they are doing right now if they just give their one hundred percent to it.

I am the one who can make up with anyone by using sarcasm.

I am the one who can make enemies by speaking the truth out loud.

I am the one who welcomes strangers in his house just for fun and not to feel scared about it.

I am the one who doesn’t believe that women should be given special treatment because we are all made of the same stuff and we all deserve equal opportunities and equal treatments in life.

I am the one who believes that if raised well, each child can grow to be a masterpiece.

I am the one who believes that a kiss can do more good to a kid than a slap.

I am the one who believes that traditional schooling is a waste of time for a kid and that she should be given full freedom to do every experiment with her life to attain the knowledge she wants to.

This post might appear as bit weird one to you. But trust me, my sobriety is more authentic when I am a champagne, a port and a sweet martini down.

There are many stories I wish to write everyday. Stories about people fighting with the odds, and about people just giving up to the situations in their lives and getting sucked into further complications, but I am glad I am not writing much these days. It is never a good sight to see your loved ones in teary eyes.

I will make you cry someday,

When we won’t meet everyday,

My words will turn into a knife,

And make you see the truth of life,

That it is not easy to hide a scar,

A tiger can smell blood from far,

So chin up, smile and face your fears,

There will be another day for your tears…

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