The Curious Case of Curiosity

Technology has created uncountable opportunities for common people like Em to express their honest and blunt ideas about various aspects of life. What struck me though was this tweet :


She relates childhood with curiosity in just seven words and brands adulthood as a time in people’s lives when they are not curious anymore. Is it true? Moreover, is it correct? I am not implying that she shouldn’t have tweeted something that is not true or correct. In the past, I decided to tweet all the religious scriptures for no reason at all. Of course I gave up on the idea in a couple of days, but I understand there are people who don’t think before expressing their thoughts and as a result of it, someone like me keeps wondering about why Em wrote something as stupid as this.

I believe if you are not curious in your adulthood, it is purely because of your decision to not feed your curiosity while you transitioned from a child to an adult. May be your curiosity was killed by those around you, who told you it was not your place to ask questions, answers to which you won’t understand. Or may be you loved your cat so much that you didn’t want curiosity to kill it. Whatever be the case, my point is that every answer that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity should further increase it.

If adulthood meant not being curious anymore, humanity would be nothing more than cave dwellers looking for food and holes.

Adulthood is the time when we can find answers to anything that makes us curious. We are physically and mentally able to delve into the mysteries we would love to solve and ideas we would be willing to share. Adulthood is the phase during which curiosity needs to be attended.

There would be no skyscrapers if an adult wasn’t curious to find a way to build them. There would be no mobiles if an adult wasn’t curious to find a way to communicate without wires. There would be no twitter if an adult wasn’t curious to try an idea where he limits the number of words through which people express their ideas. Em wouldn’t have tweeted the tweet above if she wasn’t curious to see  how many people would like or retweet her ideas. Thankfully, not many did.

No doubt curiosity is dangerous, for being curious means continuing to explore. There is no room for laziness while being curious, and that is exactly why cats are killed.

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