Have you ever wondered about the design of time? Well, I have.

It exists as naturally as the constant vibration of the cosmos, and as artificially as the tick of the second hand of a wall clock. The passage of time reflects in everyday life as effortlessly as breathing. Time serves the same purpose to existence as oxygen serves to life on earth. None can survive without either. A thinking mind knows no limitations when it comes to imagination, so let us stop using logic for a little while and play the game of imagination.

Imagine we forget the science of recording time. Will everything around us come to a standstill if we are not able to record time? Everything will get chaotic for sometime, may be few days or a couple of weeks, but life would move on, as it always does. The society would be redesigned to follow a simple pattern of reading time, the pattern of the heavenly bodies, the sun, the moon and the stars, as it used to happen long way back in the past. How simple everything used to be back then! Everybody woke up with the rising sun, they ate if they felt hungry, they knew they would feel hungry again, so they went for hunting or collecting natural food, they slept when they felt tired, they migrated when they became bore of staying at one place for a very long time or they had used up all the natural resources of their temporary habitat, but the second notion would have been highly unlikely.

Even in today’s world, while the world population has reached a figure it has never recorded in the past ever, there is enough land to accommodate people, enough land to cultivate and produce food for the growing population and enough knowledge in the world to share and make the new members of our species self dependant. I know there are countries where people don’t even basic facilities like food, clothing and shelter, but that is not because there is scarcity of anything in the world. World has enough, but those who have control over things have difficulty sharing with those who deserve to be provided with basic life facilities. The controllers have kept their eyes fixed on a wall clock. They have to run the governments smoothly, fund wars, sustain peace within the civilized societies and that is only possible when they show the reserves, when they send out a message that people living under their control do not need to panic because they have enough to survive.

The global food production is on all time high, global poultry industry has been breaking production records year after year, corporations are registering billions of dollars of profits and all they do in return is add a ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ page on their websites. I want to know how many of these corporates are actually working at the ground level to fulfil the basic needs of people in the areas where they don’t even have enough reserves to last for a day. How does setting up schools and healthcare units in Africa help Africans? All they need to be told is that they won’t have to worry about the meals next week or next month or ever in their lives again? Why isn’t there a system for poor, jobless or homeless people to register themselves on a global website so they can avail basic facilities to live. If governments around the world join hands and work collaboratively to provide just three basic facilities to every single person on earth, unimaginable miracles will happen on a daily basis within the very societies we live in . The irony is that a human being invests all his energy, all his thought process on availing basic facilities to live, year after year. Food, clothing and shelter.

You might wonder what is time’s role in all this. In simple words, all we ever have in life is time and if we spend all of our time to keep ourselves alive for as long as we can, then we are doing a great injustice to the inspiration inside us and the creativity around us. A person is respected and remembered when people get to know what all he did during the time he lived. The success of a person is not defined by the number of years he kept himself alive, but by what he did other than the usual business of keeping himself alive.

Now, imagine what all you could do if you knew that you don’t have to work for food, clothing or shelter. Imagine how would you live your life if there was surety of food, clothing and shelter for you. That is the life I would have rather lived so far. That is the life I dream to live and that is the life you should be dreaming about living.

Have you wondered about the design of time? Well, I have. And, I discovered that time is designed in order to allow us to design our life in such a way that our actions echo through time. Blood running through my veins doesn’t symbolize lifeline anymore, it is my natural timeline and it’s design is in my control, just as my time is.

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