To Sleep Or Not To Sleep

I spend twelve hours in my apartment everyday. Out of those twelve hours, I sleep for about eight. Of late, I have begun to hate sleeping. It feels as if I am wasting a huge amount of time on doing nothing. I fail to understand despite of living in such modern times, why haven’t the scientists figured out a way to avoid sleeping and still managing to refresh the mind and the body. A pill can be designed that doesn’t let one sleep. Just look at the positives of making such a pill.

1. We get more time to do things that matter to us rather spending ten hours doing someone else’s job.

2. We get more time to spend with our loved ones.

3. We won’t feel sleepy if we take the pill right before we have sex.

4. We can work double shift or invest more time in building our business.

5. We can study online in the spare time and in the long run, we all could have doctorates of everything.

6. We can develop likings for things we thought we didn’t have time for.

7. We can go on long drives and spend nights walking on the beach.

8. We can party every night without the fear of waking up late the next morning.

9. We can live two months in one month considering if we sleep every night, we are awake only for fifteen days in any case.

10. We can celebrate birthdays on weekdays and midnights.

This is just a starter. I have a whole lot of other ideas. What if scientists could develop a pill that takes care of the tiredness as well, or a pill that could diminish the requirement of solid cooked food. Just take a pill and you have all the energy you required to last all day long. Athletes can take double dose and go on breaking world records.

Why don’t they do it? Are they even trying? Who knows? May be they already are!

Everything comes at a cost. Can you imagine what would be the side effect of being awake all the time? May be the dustbins will get filled in half the time and the municipality trucks will have to go on twenty four hours run to clean up our mess, that would end up in increased pollution rates throughout the city. But, think about the artists. What all would they be able to accomplish if they just had enough time.

If the likes of Newton and Einstien never slept, what all they could have achieved! What startling discoveries they could have made and changed the world at a much faster pace! I just came across a better idea than the previous one. The ‘staying awake pills’ should only be allowed for the explorers of any nature. There should be a sort of ability test to classify the populations in terms of explorers of the world, of the mind, of the books and prescribe them the pills so they remain awake and change the world for the good.

Humanity needs to stay awake, but before that, it needs to wake up from its sleep. Someone needs to splash a bucket of water on its face and bring it back to wakefulness. ‘Staying awake pills’ might just be as unreal as discovering life on the Sun, but if a weird idea kickstarts your mind, then humanity must discuss weird ideas all the time.

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