Of late, I am highly fascinated about the origin of whispers. Whispering is, without doubt, the most unnoticed gesture in the human communication.

Whispers sometimes are agreement and at other times disapproval.

Sometimes, whispers carry love from lips of one lover to the ears of the other and at others they carry curses for a boss of an irritated person at work.

No matter what message they carry, whispers are the most personal gestures of human existence. You cannot whisper to a crowd but you can always whisper to yourself in a crowd.

I wonder who was the first person to whisper who set up this amazing language of communicating in such an effective medium that it passed the seriousness of the whisperer genuinely.

A mother whispers and hums to an infant baby and the baby responds as if there is no margin for misunderstanding.

A toddler whispers in the ears of the parents and they laugh uncontrollably. Obviously a toddler doesn’t know how to joke. For a toddler, entire existence is a joke. He laughs on anything and everything.

A child whispers to another child in the classroom and gets punished for talking in class.

One whispers only to a person whom he trusts. You never whisper to a stranger.

A teenager boy whispers to his friend about how beautiful the girl across the classroom is and the news spreads across the entire class like wildfire. That is the power of a whisper. The boy could have shouted directly to the girl and told her how beautiful she was, but that would have killed the beauty of his feelings towards her. Whispering is the basis of love and a couple who whispers regularly keeps the fire of love alive till the last breath.

A man whispers to his wife about how their child is behaving to a cartoon show on the television and both sit together and enjoy the natural reaction of their child.

A man whispers to his wife when their child brings a girl home for the first time and introduces her to them. An approval or disapproval is passed via whispering.

A woman whispers her sadness to her husband when their son decides to move out and start off a new life with his wife. They began to find solace in their social lives as there is nothing left to discuss in their private life except food, clothes and timely repairs of the house they live in.

Prayers are considered most powerful when done in whispers, when nobody gets to know what the person prayed about. It could be about the longevity of their partner’s life or the success of their children. As long as there appears a smile on one’s face after praying, stay assured that one has enjoyed their conversation with the existence.

Sometimes, a conversation between the living on earth and the dead below it is done via whispering and then the breeze flows. Sometimes, whispers of apology are stronger than shouts of anger. Sometimes, a hug can do what a punch cannot.

Whispers have always been the warriors of peace. The need of the hour is to give them their due credit.

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