Working Out

Nothing works out they way I want it to.

I had a lot of expectations from this blog but I lacked discipline. I have not given it my one hundred percent. How can I expect anything to work if I am not completely involved in it. I have to make sure I do what I have to do so that everyone starts doing what they have to do and the cycle begins. A cycle will end only if it begins in the first place. I have let myself down and I am so ashamed of myself.

I got carried away. I secured some business deals and invested a lot of time to see it through. The process is still underway. We are acquiring some companies, merging with few to develop a business strategy for future, but I am no businessman. I can convince people, I can talk fearlessly but what I loved doing fearlessly was writing. To let my imagination loose and rain the words on blank white pages on Microsoft Word page after page until I had had enough.

It has been more than two months since I wrote anything and I know how much it pisses me off. How can I let myself stray from the only path I decided to walk the rest of my life. Tonight, I promise myself that it won’t happen again. I will bring back the discipline in writing. It doesn’t require more than fifteen minutes of imagination and two hours of editing to write a good article. I will do it. No matter where I am, no matter whether I have internet connectivity or not, I will sit down and write atleast one page every night.

From this day onwards, I will publish one post on this blog every week. I will write six days a week and I will reach where I dreamt to be.

My solace begins tonight.

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  1. story teller

    I was contemplating if I should pour out my not so happy thoughts on my blog since the past few hours, we already have enough sadness around. I just can’t get myself to write, not that I’m busy but I get away with an impressive repertoire of excuses. This post knocked sense back into my head.
    Hoping that this here today will turn a new leaf, new page, for both of us.


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