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Ever thought hate is also a love relationship? Behind each hate, love is hiding, and behind each love, hate is hiding. In fact love and hate are not two things. They are not love and hate, the whole energy is love/hate. That’s why any love relationship can change into a hate relationship very easily – in a single moment. A single moment before you were in love, and now you hate. And vice versa is also possible.

A friend can become an enemy. The enemy can become a friend. In fact to make anybody an enemy, first he has to be a friend. We cannot make simply anybody an enemy; that’s impossible. We will have to go through friendship.

People talking to strangers are more true, and they reveal their heart; but talking with friends, with relatives – father, mother, wife, husband, brother, sister – there is a deep unconscious barrier. ’Don’t say this – he may feel hurt.’ ’Don’t do that – mum won’t like it.’ ’Don’t behave in this way – father is old; he may be shocked.’ One goes on controlling.

By and by the truth is dropped into the basement of our being, and we become very clever and cunning with the untrue. We go on smiling false smiles, which are just painted on the lips. We go on saying good things meaning nothing. We are getting bored with our relatives or our friends, but we go on saying ’How glad I am to see you!’ And our whole being says ’Now leave me alone!’ But verbally we go on pretending. And they are also doing the same thing; nobody becomes aware because we are all moving in the same boat.

Being alone is not bad. But it can be enjoyed only if we make a rhythm of being with people and being alone. Then it is perfectly beautiful. Otherwise, just being alone we will shrink; we won’t grow. Never get fixated anywhere, remain in a flow.

Being alone may be a way to hide ourselves. We may be afraid of love. We may be afraid of friendship. We may be afraid of people. A thousand and one fears may be there. So one rationalizes that one likes to be alone. But we don’t seem to be happy. If a thought can make us unhappy, then anything can make us unhappy – anything I say or anything you hear. We can become unhappy because the trees are green. Unhappiness is in us. We find some excuse and we hang it there. We should move. But when I say we should move, I don’t mean destroy loneliness completely. We will be more alone if we move with people. Our aloneness will have a depth and a richness if we move with people. We earn it.

Freud in his last days wrote in a letter to a friend that as far as he had observed, and he really observed deeply, nobody has observed so deeply, so penetratingly, so persistently and so scientifically. He says in the letter that as far as he has observed through his life, one conclusion seems absolutely certain – that people cannot live without lies.

Truth is dangerous. Lies are very sweet, but unreal. Delicious. You go on saying sweet nothings to your lover, and your lover goes on whispering in your ear sweet – but – nothings. And meanwhile life goes on slipping out of your hands, and everybody is coming closer and closer to death.

Before death comes, remember one thing – that love has to be lived before death happens. Otherwise you live in vain, and the whole of your life will be a waste – a desert. Before death comes, make it a certainty that love has happened. But that is possible only with the truth. So be true. Risk everything for truth, and never risk truth for anything else.

Let this be the fundamental law – even if I have to sacrifice myself, my life, I am going to sacrifice it for truth but truth I will never sacrifice for anything – and tremendous happiness will be yours; undreamed riches & contentment will shower on you.

Once you are true, everything else becomes possible. If you are false – just a fake, a painted thing, a face, a mask – nothing is possible. Because with the false, only false happens; with the truth, only truth.

And life always opens another door whenever one closes. Be true to love, and don’t be bothered about lovers. Once you are happy again, somebody may knock at your door. Remain available.

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  1. stenfalk

    I have to disagree… there are NOT always love behind hate and you DONT have to be friends to become enemies,,,, anyone who thinks that does not know what hate really is, and lucky you 😉 I bet you have a better life than someone as cynical as me then 😉

    1. Harpreet

      Thank you for disagreeing Sten. Exceptions are always there. These rules do not apply on you if you are a Hitler or a Gandhi. Such influential people invite friendship and hatred merely by the way the act. 🙂

      1. stenfalk

        haha okay, I have to tell you a little story then… I met a guy when I was a teenager, I swear we were never friends in any kind of way, he owned a stable and he mistreated all of his horses. I ended up buying one he had completly destroyed. I hate this guy with a vengance, he hates me even more because I had his stable closed by turining him in. There was NEVER any love lost between us, EVER, and I know that to this day, althought it is 15 years ago, if we meet in a dark, deserted place, one of us wont walk away alive… that is how you make an enemy, and never having loved or cared for the person…


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